Altitude: 5,000 m Duration: 15 days Grade: Moderate

Mt Kailash ( Kora trip) is one of the most popular destination for Pilgrimages in Asia. It is one of the religious destination of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and the Bon religion in Tibet. The one kora / means a round trip around Mt Kailash will believe to be cleaning our sins of our life time. 108 Kora will break out the cycle of re birth.

The longest distance of Mt Kailash kora is 52 km which require 3 days to make 1 kora. The maximum elevation id at Drolma La pass which is 5,600m and the starting point of Darchen is 4,675m but kora is done in clock wise direction by Hindu and Buddhist. The Jain and Bon will make Kora  from Counter Clock wise direction.T he Pilgrim trip to Mt Kailash integrates, cultural,spiritual and Physical dimension. The Trip to Mt Kailash means to clean our self from past sins and the presence of our stress.


Day 1. Arrive Ktm and transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Sightseeing and wait for group visa

Day 3: Drive to Kerung stay overnight .

Day 4: 10 km walk Cross border stay overnight at Kerung Tibet

Day 5: Drive Poryang or Saga

Day 6: Drive Manosarover Lake side

Day 7: Acclimatize

Day 8: Drive Darchen

Day 9: Trek to Derafug

Day 10: Cross Drolmala pass 5,600m and overnight at Jutulfug

Day 11: 2 hrs of Parikrama back to Darchen

Day 12: Drive to Taklakot

Day 13: Cross border and come back to hilsa ( Heli to Simikot)

Day 14: Simikot to Nepalgunj and same day flight to Kathmandu

Day 15: International departure


Another Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu transfer to Hotel B/B plan basis

Day 2: Sightseeing and wait for group visa

Day 3: Fly Nepalgunj overnight at Hotel B/B plan basis

Day 4: Fly simikot/ heli to Hilsa and cross border to Taklakot 3,400m

Day 5: Taklakot to Manasarover drive

Day 6: Acclimatize day

Day 7: Drive to Darchen

Day 8: Trek to Derafug

Day 9: Trek to Jutilfug ( Today cross Drolma La pass 5,600m)

Day 10: Trek 2 hrs to get back to Darchen

Day 11: Drive to Taklakot hilsa

Day 12: Cross border (Hilsa to Simikot) Heli

Day 13: Fly Nepal Gunj and same day to Kathmandu flight

Day 14: International departure.